Homework Help

We boost kids' academic success by providing homework help for an hour after school every day. We encourage children to become self-directed learners, but make sure to provide support as they explore new subjects and master new skills. Because homework often gets finished right away after-school, you can focus on fun family time once you arrive home! 


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Whether it's painting, growing a garden, learning robotics, or building a kite, each of our our daily activities incorporates thinking, creativity, and the kind of hands-on fun that really engages kids. We put a lot of time into developing programs that support success in school, and give children room to explore and enjoy as they learn. 

Character Building

Good character is learned. That's why we model kindness, integrity, service, and respect as we mentor the children enrolled in our programs. All Kids Club 360 locations are Bully Free Zones where kids learn positive ways to resolve conflicts, to act as good citizens, and to work together. We help the older kids in our programs to be great role models, and show the younger children that they too can become leaders among their peers. 

Health & Wellness

We address a critical issue that our children face everyday - their health. With rising levels of childhood obesity, illness, and stress, it's becoming more and more critical to instill healthy habits in our kids. In providing a healthy snack every day, and encourage safe physical activity, we demonstrate how eating right, keeping fit, and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle. 

Friends & Fun

If you ask children why they love Kids Club 360, they'll tell you, "friends and fun!" We plan exciting activities that keep kids coming back. We maintain a positive, supportive environment where friendships grow and flourish. Our staff model positive relationships, so that kids learn how to treat their friends with care and respect. We encourage kids to meet and get to know one another - maybe they'll make a great friend where they least expect it! 

Club Camps

Kids love our Camps because they get to participate in fun, enriching activities all day when school is out. We provide educational programs, encourage positive peer interactions, and focus on building character and leadership skills over the summer and during fall, winter, and spring break times! For more information, talk with your Site Director.

Schools We Serve

District 2 Schools

  • James Irwin Charter Elementary School

    • Feeder Site -James Irwin Charter Academy (JICES Charter Bus)*

District 8 Schools

  • Eagleside Elementary

    • Feeder Site - Mesa Elementary*

    • Feeder Site - Aragon Elementary*

    • Feeder Site - Jordahl Elementary*

Contact Us

*Feeder Sites - Parents must drop off and pick up at the host Kids Club site. Transportation for feeder schools from the host site to the feeder (AM) and from the feeder to the host site (PM) are provided by JICES Charter Bus & D8 transportation and must be set up through the school by the parent.

Who We Are

Kids Club 360 is the best before and after school child care program for kids 5-12 years old in the Pikes Peak Region. We have the best staff, the most effective programs, the most convenient locations, and the most competitive prices. It’s easy - drop your child off at school as early as 6:00 am and we’ll take it from there. Kids participate in fun, enriching activities until school begins and then again after school ends until 6:00pm.

We provide homework help and educational programs, we encourage positive interactions, and we focus on building character and leadership skills.

Here at Kids Club 360, we build meaningful relationships with our kids and families, because, at the end of the day, it comes down to focusing on what’s most important - you and your kids!