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Winter Break - Kids Club 360

Winter Break

Winter Break Camp

Kids love our Camps because they get to participate in fun, enriching activities every day. We provide healthy meals, fun STEM activities, offer field trips, and run educational programs. What's more, we encourage positive peer interaction to help kids build lasting friendships, while focusing on building character and leadership skills. Sign up through your parent portal account to join us for our upcoming Winter Break Camp no later than Friday, December 14th!


Location: E. A Tutt Boys & Girls Club

                1455 S. Chelton Rd, C/S, CO 80910

Hours: 6:00am-6:00pm

Includes: Healthy breakfast (8am), lunch, & PM snack

Dates & Pricing:

December 26, 27, & 28 and January 2, 3, & 4


Cancellation Deadline: Friday, December 14th to receive credit back to account. Must email Arlene at by the 14th. No credits or refunds will be given if cancelled after the 14th.

Additional field trip fees may apply

Schools We Serve

District 2 Schools

  • Soaring Eagles Elementary

  • James Irwin Charter Elementary School

    • Feeder Site -James Irwin Charter Academy (JICES Charter Bus)*

District 8 Schools

  • Eagleside Elementary

    • Feeder Site - Mesa Elementary*

    • Feeder Site - Aragon Elementary*

    • Feeder Site - Jordahl Elementary*

Contact Us

*Feeder Sites - Parents must drop off and pick up at the host Kids Club site. Transportation for feeder schools from the host site to the feeder (AM) and from the feeder to the host site (PM) are provided by D2, JICES Charter Bus, & D8 transportation and must be set up through the school by the parent.