Soaring Eagles Elementary

Kids Club 360 Soaring Eagles

We've been providing care at this location for ten years now!  The Kids Club 360 program offers a variety of fun, daily activities as well as enriching on-going programs. The staff are happy to provide the best care for every child, every day. They encourage parent involvement, effective communication, hands on learning experiences and leadership and character developing behavior practices.

Our focus is to enable all children to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens!

Location Details

  • Director: Katelyn Lindberg

  • Address: 4710 Harrier Ridge Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80916

  • Phone: 719.352.9540

      Email: klindberg@bgcppr.org 

Before School Hours

  • Monday-Friday 6:00 - 8:00AM

After School Hours

  • Monday 2:05-6:00PM

  • Tuesday-Friday 3:35-6:00PM

Otero Elementary

Kids Club 360 Otero 

The group at Otero is a lively bunch. Their largest group of kids is from Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Because this site is close to the Fort Carson Army base, we serve many military families. The majority of kids have at least one parent in the military and giving them extra support during difficult times is something that all of the staff at Otero strive to do. After school they run many different programs including Project Learn, SMART Girls, Passport to Manhood, Drama Matters, Fine Arts and Triple Play. The kids all love joining in on the programs and get so excited about having fun that they forget they're learning too!

Being a part of Otero Kids Club 360 is a great opportunity and experience that every child should get a chance to be a part of!

Location Details

  • Director: Zach Lindsey

  • Address: 1650 Charmwood Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

  • Phone: 719.352.9577

  • Email: zlindsey@bgcppr.org 

  • Transportation Offered From: Oak Creek Elementary (D2 Bus)

  • Club Calendar- Click

Before School Hours

  • Monday - Friday 6:00 - 8:00AM

After School Hours

  • Monday 2:05 - 6:00PM

  • Tuesday - Friday 3:35 - 6:00PM

James Irwin Charter Elementary

Kids Club 360 JICES

Kids Club 360 at James Irwin is unique in that it operates out of a classroom. In addition they have optional break out rooms, playgrounds, and a gymnasium available daily for program use. Kids Club programming is implemented weekly at the site, as well as daily activities that the children have an active part in choosing. Centers in the classroom include a healthy snack area, a construction zone, an art exploration area, a science experiment space, a quiet reading area, a homework help table, and a drama area.

The children in the before and after school program are driven, respectful, and kind. Older members in the program do an excellent job of mentoring the younger members. The group is very active and is always coming up with creative, fun ideas!

Location Details

      Director: Natasha Colonnieves

      Address: 5525 Astrozon Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO, 80916

       Phone: 719.744.3298

       Email: ncolonnieves@bgcppr.org

       Transportation Offered From: JICA (JICES charter bus)

       Club Calendar- Click

Before School Hours

      Monday - Friday 6:00 - 8:00AM

After School Hours

          Monday- Thursday 3:30- 6:00PM 

          Friday 1:30 - 6:00PM

Eagleside Elementary

Kids Club 360 Eagleside 

This site not only serves children who attend Eagleside, but Aragon, Mesa and Jordahl Elementaries as well. Through our partnership with District 8, school buses from Aragon, Mesa and Jordahl drop off children at the Eagleside location. When the children arrive, they go outside to enjoy playing before settling down for a healthy snack and homework help. We have a variety of zones where the kids are able to engage in social play during free choice to include dramatic play, construction zone, game table, 4th & 5th grade area, and an art/craft table. Throughout the week we run fun programs such as Drama Matters, SMART Moves and Triple Play. 

Location Details

  • Director: Kassie Thiel

  • Address: 9750 Sentry Dr., Fountain, CO, 80817

  • Phone: 719.799.8585

  • Email: kthiel@bgcppr.org  

  • Transportation Offered From: Aragon Elementary, Mesa Elementary, Jordahl Elementary (D8 bus)

  • Club Calendar- Click

Before School Hours

  • Monday - Friday 6:00 - 7:15AM

After School Hours

  • Monday-Friday 2:25 - 6:00PM

Schools We Serve

District 2 Schools

  • Otero Elementary

    • Feeder Site - Oak Creek Elementary* (After School Only)

  • Soaring Eagles Elementary

  • James Irwin Charter Elementary School

    • Feeder Site -James Irwin Charter Academy (JICES Charter Bus)*

District 8 Schools

  • Eagleside Elementary

    • Feeder Site - Mesa Elementary*

    • Feeder Site - Aragon Elementary*

    • Feeder Site - Jordahl Elementary*

Contact Us

*Feeder Sites - Parents must drop off and pick up at the host Kids Club site. Transportation for feeder schools from the host site to the feeder (AM) and from the feeder to the host site (PM) are provided by D2, JICES Charter Bus, & D8 transportation and must be set up through the school by the parent.